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Loretta Mason
Election Administrator/Voter Registrar
Email: lmason@co.panola.tx.us

Kelsey Lake
Deputy Election Administrator/
Deputy Election Registrar
Email: kelsey.lake@co.panola.tx.us

110 S. Sycamore, Room 100
Carthage, TX 75633

Phone: (903) 693-0370
Fax: (903) 693-7283

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2022 Election Results
  • Vote Texas - Voters with Special Needs

    Vote Texas- Your Rights

    Notice of Voting Priority


    On Election Day, all polling locations will be open 7am-7pm
    If you need to vote by curbside, please call 903-693-0370 and we will be happy to help you do this. During early voting a member of our staff will come out and help you. On election day a member of our staff will contact the workers at your polling location and have them come out to you.


    You are eligible if you:

    ·         Are registered to vote in Panola County 

    ·         Do not hold an elected office

    ·         Are not a family member of an elected official on the ballot

    ·         Are not the employee of an elected official

    ·         Enjoy working with the public

    ·         Able to take direction well and not easily distracted

    ·         Have dependable transportation to the Election Polls

    ·         Can work variable or long hours on election day

    General Job Duties:

    ·         Qualifying the voter

    ·         Assisting the voters with the election equipment

    ·         Opening and closing the election polls

    ·         Able to work nights and weekends (early voting)

    ·         Translate if needed (bilingual clerks) 


    Student Election Worker



    Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar-Non Paid Volunteer Position Only


    If interested contact Elections Administrator at 903-693-0370
    or by email at lmason@co.panola.tx.us


    Online Poll Worker Training Program

  • Election Training for our Election Judges and Alt. Judges will be posted here. 

    November 8th, 2022