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Loretta Mason
Election Administrator/Voter Registrar
Email: lmason@co.panola.tx.us

Kelsey Lake
Deputy Election Administrator/
Deputy Election Registrar
Email: kelsey.lake@co.panola.tx.us

110 S. Sycamore, Room 100
Carthage, TX 75633

Phone: (903) 693-0370
Fax: (903) 693-7283

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2022 Election Results


May 24th Primary Run-Off






November 8th General Election




    You are eligible if you:

    ·         Are registered to vote in Panola County 

    ·         Do not hold an elected office

    ·         Are not a family member of an elected official on the ballot

    ·         Are not the employee of an elected official

    ·         Enjoy working with the public

    ·         Able to take direction well and not easily distracted

    ·         Have dependable transportation to the Election Polls

    ·         Can work variable or long hours on election day

    General Job Duties:

    ·         Qualifying the voter

    ·         Assisting the voters with the election equipment

    ·         Opening and closing the election polls

    ·         Able to work nights and weekends (early voting)

    ·         Translate if needed (bilingual clerks) 


    Student Election Worker



    Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar-Non Paid Volunteer Position Only


    If interested contact Elections Administrator at 903-693-0370
    or by email at lmason@co.panola.tx.us

  • Monday, December 14, 2020 – (30th day before Wednesday, January 13, 2021, first day to file an application for a place on the ballot)

    ·       Deadline to Post Notice of Deadline to File Applications for Place on the Ballotin a building in which the authority maintains an office.   NOTE: This form was updated to include a place for email/fax.


    Wednesday, January 13, 2021 (30th day before Friday, February 12, 2021, regular filing deadline for a place on the ballot)

    ·       First day to file an application for a place on the ballot or a declaration of write-in candidacy.

    o   Application for Place on City/School/Other Political Subdivision Ballot (PDF)

    §  If your home rule city or special law district allows for a petition, the following petition may be used: Petition for Place on the City General Election Ballot (PDF)

    o   Declaration of Write-In Candidacy for City, School, or other Political Subdivisions (PDF)


    Friday, February 12, 2021 (78th day before election day)

    ·       5:00 p.m. - Last day for a candidate in a political subdivision (other than a county) to file an application for a place on the ballot for general election for officers for most political subdivisions.

    ·       Deadline for political subdivisions to order a general election to be held on Saturday, May 1, 2021, unless otherwise provided by the Election Code. (Sec. 3.005). 

    o   Order of Election for Municipalities

    o   Order of Election for Other Political Subdivisions (Including Schools)

    Filing Method of Candidate Application

    ·       A candidate application may be filed in person, by mail, by fax, or by email.  

    o   Filing in Person:  The Elections Division recommends that political subdivisions take steps to have someone available for at least a few hours most days during the candidate filing period to accept filings, and that political subdivisions post a schedule on their websites and on the bulletin boards where notices of meetings are posted of the days and times when someone will be available to accept filings. The Elections Division also strongly recommends having someone available at the place of business on the filing deadline, especially from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., if you are otherwise closed.

    o   Filing by Mail:  An application submitted by mail is considered to be filed at the time of its receipt by the appropriate filing authority. (Secs. 143.007(b); 144.005(b)).

    o   Filing by Fax or Email:  A signed, sworn, scanned candidate application (and petition, if applicable) may be submitted by fax or email if there is no filing fee.  The SOS recommends that the filing authority establish a dedicated fax number or email address for the submission of candidate applications.  This fax number or email address should be posted on the Notice of Deadline to File Applications for Place on the Ballot or wherever information about filing candidate applications is posted.  Please be advised that an application must be notarized prior to filing via fax or email.

    Please be advised that if your entity postponed your May 2020 election to November 2020, this did not have the effect of permanently moving your election date or changing your schedule for officer elections.    If you have questions related to your postponement action, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.


    This advisory and other resources can be found on our Conducting Elections page.   Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


    EMAIL: jandmfoster@yahoo.com

    PHONE: 903-693-8607
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    Vote Texas- Your Rights

    Notice of Voting Priority


    On Election Day, all polling locations will be open 7am-7pm
    If you need to vote by curbside, please call 903-693-0370 and we will be happy to help you do this. During early voting a member of our staff will come out and help you. On election day a member of our staff will contact the workers at your polling location and have them come out to you.